4 Disadvantages of Telephone (Landline)

There are disadvantages of telephone that was originally used in the earlier times. There are many things to talk about when talking about the disadvantages of telephone.

When you are using a telephone, you will not be able to bring it wherever you go unlike mobile phone. You can not contact it no matter how you want to text it. And if you call it, there is no certainty that it will be picked up because you are not certain if somebody is in the house or not.

Comparing it to mobile phone, telephone is not very good. It is because when you have the mobile phone, you can receive text messages and calls at the same time.

Telephone is not savvy because it consumes electricity although you are not using it. It is cheaper to use mobile phone. It is not good for personal use. There will be times that you will not be comfortable using it because of its lack of features. It is very not easy by using this only.

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Telephone can not be reached when there is no electricity. This is why there is no way to be reached, This is why there should be another means of communication like the mobile phone.

Another disadvantageous is that someone may be picking it up causing some secrets to be revealed. If there is someone in the house, this can be a cause or trouble. So not monitoring the telephone may not be okay in the house.