The telecom evolution: from 1G to the present 4G

Do you know the starting point of telecommunications and why there is 3G and then 4G? Because it started with the basic and a start and that is from 1G. Telecommunication has come a long way from where it started and now it still is evolving to be able to catch up to the technology that is continually developing. Every day there are new improvements and developments so many have to think ahead not just a day in advance but a year or years in advance than others to be able to stay on the continous game or process of development.

In the video above, you can watch about how telecom evolved from being a 1G status to now 4G status. It just started from receiving voice messages only and that is 1G form or type then it moves to the next level. Texting is then added to the basic content of only calling. It is now a 2G. Developing into the 3G stage that now includes sending emails from the mobile phones and even reading the news around the world.

At the present time, the 4G now rules the world offering a fast speed of internet with the one that is already installed or connected to your base. You can download and upload with it whatever you like and store them into your mobiles or other storage devices, top app. You can learn more if you watch the video above as it explains more on other related issues like the internet speed.